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As a child, I always had a passion for making things- drawing, painting, collaging, making bracelets, dancing and putting on shows - if it was in "the arts" - I wanted to do it.

Today, I still find myself interested in all things art related. I do not limit myself to one medium, style or concept. Inspirations and ideas change. New experiences happen and open new worlds of curiosity and experimentation to me. I create a series or groups of pieces exploring a subject, theme or a personal challenge. Each piece is an extension of my past and guides me forward in my current interpretations of the ideas I have about myself and the world around me. I find inspiration everywhere – from movies, books and music to the natural world, to art history, pagan art, and tattoo art. My current work explores the Kansas landscape, stories and legends, the wheel of the seasons, symbols, and esoterica.

Currently, I primarily work in mixed media drawing and acrylic paint. In the past I have worked in fine art gourds, mixed media 3D art, jewelry, and anything that I find myself curious about and driven to explore. There are mediums I would still like to experiment in. I continue to ebb and flow and use the materials that best help to express my current focus for my body of work.

I have had shows around the country and I regularly show in Kansas and Missouri.  I have been lucky enough to co-direct a couple of art galleries and guilds and meet many artists who have inspired me along the way. 

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